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Thursday, July 26, 2012

July moments

Weston: "Stop breaking all the tunnels in my fort!  You have to be more careful, Sophie!"
Sophie: "I will be more careful this time.  I will!"
Weston: "Sorry for yelling at you."
Sophie: "It's okay."

I still remember Weston and Sophie's first real conversation, ever, which was an endless round of "guess what, chicken butt," that eventually morphed into, "guess what, chicken poopy...ewwww!"  That was last September, shortly after Sophie turned 2. 

Now they talk and play and sometimes fight all the day long, each and every day.  There are so many hilarious and sweet exchanges that I think I will remember, that are worth remembering (but of course I don't).  I hope to record at least some of them, because at the rate they are growing up, these adorable conversations will not last forever! Here are a few funny things that the kids have said (not necessarily to each other) during this past month:

July 27
Sophie (during night-time prayer): "Please bless Heavenly Father for the yummy dinner, and please bless daddy that he can deserve his movie (???), and please bless this earth that we like."

July 25
Weston (saying dinner prayer): "Please bless grandma Ruth that she will feel better, and please bless grandma Laurie that she will feel better..."
Sophie (very emphatically, in an almost scolding tone): "You don't need to pray for grandma Laurie any more!! She is all better now!"
She does have a habit of correcting Weston during prayers (much to our chagrin), and if you glance at the expression on her face while Weston prays, it is almost always one of consternation, as if she never quite approves of what he is saying! 

July 24
After watching the preview for "Mirror Mirror," Weston tells me that he saw a bad part where someone wasn't wearing all of his clothes (turns out it was a man with his shirt off). He then he says (in that sing songy voice), "awk-ward!!!"

July 20
While eating some delicious Trader Joe's beef jerky, Weston says, "I love cow bodies!" When I gave him a funny look, he explained to me that beef jerky is made out of a cow's body. lol!

July 21
At pioneer days, Weston exclaimed that the fireworks (which were spectacular, by the way) sounded like a planet being "hammered."

July 18
Me: "why didn't you play with the other kids at the park today?"
Sophie: "I don't know, they just were being really emotional."
I'm still trying to figure out what she thinks "emotional" means!

July 16
Weston: "I just feel like I want to go to the store and buy a toy for me."
Don't we all!

July 13
Weston keeps saying "oh snap!" Where did he hear this? I find it amusing! When I asked him why he keeps saying it, he said "I don't know, I think I am addicted to it!"

July 6
After showing the kids a time-lapsed view of a baby's face developing in the womb, Weston said "that was cool, but not as cool as Spider Man!" 

July 3
Sophie: "I like that outfit, mommy. I like the way your baby looks on it!"

July 1
A moment after hearing Weston tell me that the dental floss accidentally fell in the toilet, I see Sophie - one hand dripping in toilet water, the other one holding chips she is still eating...she didn't say anything, but you should have seen the look on her face.  As though fishing things out of the toilet with one hand while eating a snack out of the other was the most natural thing in the world!  At least she was trying to be helpful...

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Megan said...

I can just hear it!!! Sophie to Weston: "Look, I know Heavenly Father is merciful and loves you and all, really need to step it up." and i'm still laughing over the dental floss story--especially because I have a treasured memory of the time Katie's retainer fell into the toilet, which we then discovered was not flushed. And Katie, as you might not know, is a MEGA germaphobe. Best moment EVER!!!

Your kids sound so, soooo cute and funny! I wish my girls could come play with them.