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Monday, March 11, 2013


Two weeks ago today Weston turned 6. Weston has always been emotional and sensitive, which has caused Jason some distress in the past. Since I was the same way as a small child, I always told him it was the price we had to pay for an obedient, sweet child...after all, look at me...I was super sensitive and moody, but I turned out to be an obedient child and teen (my mom might be laughing to herself about now because she remembers what a brat I could be)! But in all reality, I have always had a desire to do right and to please my parents. Well, turned out I was right about Weston. He is overall an obedient child...and it looks like he inherited my over-active conscience! He admits things that he has done wrong even when he doesn't have to tell. I am so thankful that he is a genuinely good boy. He also has such a sense of humor! I literally could write a book just of the funny things that come out of his mouth...and it is not just typical little-kid non-sensical hilarity either. What is so funny to me are the conclusions his deep thinking six year old brain comes up with! At any rate, we did quite a bit of celebrating for his birthday this year, and it started two Saturdays ago when he went bowling with Jason and Jason's dad and Sophie too. I was just getting over a terrible flu, so I didn't go - but I was there to take pictures when he opened grandpa's presents after. Grandpa always seems to score with kid gifts...including this pretty awesome General Grievous action figure.

The next day Grandma and Curtis came over for cupcakes and more presents...
Including this Buzz Light Year costume from me and Jason
And the new Spider Man movie... 
  Since Weston almost never gets cake due to the wheat allergy, he especially enjoyed the cupcakes - which were amazingly delicious if I do say so myself (even though they were gluten-free)!
Sophie was having a crazy hair day, which is just what happens when I am sick and no one is leaving the house anyway...
The next day after Weston's birthday, Monday, Sophie got to bring this special poster to school because she was the Star of the Week!  On Monday she got to present her poster to the class...which included pictures of her family, her favorite place (Utah where her cousin Lily lives - although they just moved to Idaho so I guess that makes the poster inaccurate now), what she wants to be when she grows up (a doctor and a mommy), her favorite thing to do (play with Weston), and a wish (go to Disneyland).  I have to admit that I prodded her a little bit on the wish thing.  I think her first wish was to have a Mary Jane or Spider Woman costume.  But since her wish kept changing every 5 minutes anyway, I didn't feel too badly.
I brought cupcakes (Spider Man  of course) to Weston's class that day for his birthday where they sang to him and Sophie was a Star of the Week too, so I thought it was an occasion that merited a photo shoot!

I love that my kids are young enough that they still love to give hugs and kisses...especially Sophie
Weston cannot get enough of Brighton.  He often comments that he wishes he could just cuddle and kiss the baby all day because the baby is just soooooooooooooo cute (I don't disagree)!!
The cheapest entertainment around...
I know you are thinking to yourself, "why doesn't she feed that baby!?!?" 
I love this picture even though it looks like he has a mini cast on his arm...I just have to keep socks on his hands as often as possible to prevent him from scratching that adorable face!  Love the expression...
At Weston's first T-Ball game of the year.  It was a bit chilly!
Brighton didn't seem to mind, although he does have that serious professor look here.
Sophie ended up sharing her blanket with her friend, Molly, whose big sister is on the t-ball team with Weston.
I probably should have taken some shots of Weston actually playing t-ball, but those pictures generally turn out blurry.  But at least we took some fun ones after!  Somoeone gave him a nasty sugary drink that left his tongue blue...which he thought was just hilarious.
The kids were having so much fun sticking their tongues out, we decided to do a family shot (minus the bambino who was happily sleeping at the moment).
Then I told everyone to do their silliest face, but apparently tongue-sticking-out was still the best thing the kids could come up with!
It's not very often that we take a picture together alone, because usually one of the photo-bombers jumps in (otherwise known as Weston and Sophie)!
Awww, cute!  Everyone says that Brighton is a "mini-Jason."
Weston took this picture of the baby.  I have no idea how he got the light to look like that, but I thought it was sort of cool.  Then I realized it looked "cool" because it reminded me of those faded photographs of me and my brother in the 80's!
You know when you try a recipe and it is such a success that you take a picture of it?  Well, that just happened Saturday night (two days ago).  These were called chicken lettuce boats, and they were amazing...easy to make, super healthy, and absolutely delicious!
Me and the munchkins before church yesterday.
One handsome little man dressed in his finest! I know I am biased, but I'm pretty sure we've got another heart-breaker on our hands...
This was taken last week at Weston's birthday party.  Even though it is chronologically out of order, I just had to include it! I LOVE his smile.  I have got to find a way to capture the really big ones on camera.


Wendy Ray said...

Hi Michelle! How I wish you were right next door so I could pick your brain about everything like the good ol' days! Your blog is beautifully written and designed, you're gorgeous as always, and your FAMILY is beyond-words-adorable!

Lori said...

Brighton is such a great combination of Weston & Sophie! You have a beautiful family :-)

Courtnie said...

All your kids are so cute! Brighton is quite the chunk, I love it! And I really like your new family picture. It is beautiful. :)

i said...

It is a blessing to have a sensitive child! Weston is so sweet! I can hardly believe how big they are getting!!! T-ball even!? Wow. I just love all of the pictures. I just have one question. Why don't you feed that baby of yours?!?!?! Love you friend! I am so glad you keep a blog. So much more fun to read that little blips on facebook. :)