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Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching Up

It all started the last week of March. We found out that the very lovely house we had been renting (and absolutely LOVED) for the past 10 months had gone into forclosure. Fortunately, the bank that bought it didn't force us to move out immediately... they gave us three weeks. They even had us sign a contract that if we left the house clean and didn't destroy anything before vacating, they would pay us a little chunk of money. I have to admit, that did ease the pain a little!
Goodbye 1814 Leonor Court...we sure do have good memories of you!
Happily, we realized that this is a good time for us to buy a house. The dilema? How to find a house, close escrot, and move in within three weeks. Yeah, that is pretty much not possible. Thankfully, my mom offered for us to stay with her for the time being. And what a wonderful blessing it has turned out to be! She lives alone and has a good sized house, so we are very comfortable here... and comfort is becoming increasingly important as the stress mounts!
What stress you say? Hmmm... well, for starters, I was recently called as primary president. Trust me, this is no small task! And while a person is usually released when they move out of the ward, our bishop insists that we are finding a house within the ward boundaries. So while we are in limbo, we are still doing our callings and going to our ward. (Jason is the executive secretary, and I don't think the bishop is too keen on giving him up either!)
Then, there is the stress of finding a house. At first, house hunting was tons of fun. We started as soon as we found out we were being evicted, and have gone looking several times a week since. We even went house hunting and put in an offer the weekend we were moving! It has been really nuts.Thirdly, we feel a bit of pressure to hurry up and find a house since it is Jason's busy season of work... and I will soon be seeing very little of him. Which means that after mid-June, it will be impossible to move until August..........
Which brings me to the fourth major stress. Our baby is due in August! I definately don't want to be moving then. Oh, and I'm starting to feel rather large and uncomfortable already. Well, I am six months along - I suppose it is to be expected. I had Jason take a picture of me yesterday to show my belly. The picture is hideously unflattering though, so my vanity overtook me and I took a picture of my own belly. Of course, I had to take the picture at an odd angle so it makes me look smaller than ordinary. No complaints here... unless that means that you are going to have less sympathy for me! By the way, did I mention we are having a girl? Amidst all the stress, I feel extremely blessed. Living at mom's temporarily has been a lovely thing. Even our lemon tree is loving it. (And the white cat certainly enjoys our lemon tree!)There are quite a few perks, actually. For starters, my mom has a great back yard, with plenty of room for Weston to run around. Here is the view out our bedroom window (a vast improvement from the last house I might add.) Weston could not be happier... he has so much room to run around and play! I am beginning to think I simply *cannot* live without a yard ever again!The first weekend we were here my mom had a barbeque and invited over some family friends. The kids all had a great time together. Here is Weston with his Auntie Shae-Leigh and Taryn, who were making friends and talking about what they look for in a guy. (does 10 and 11 years old seem a bit young for that, or is it just me?)
One of Weston's favorite things to do at Grandma's is play in her garden... a bad thing since Jason just planted the whole thing with vegetable seeds and plants last week! Weston knows it is off limits, which is why he has a grumpy look on his face in this picture. He KNOWS that he is about to be in trouble for not only stomping on our delicate little sprouts, but for digging them up! He also enjoys picking strawberries and eating them. I think he has finally learned that mommy needs to wash them off first, but for awhile there he was popping those things in his mouth so fast and eating them that he didn't seem to even notice the dirt or the green stems! Overall, I would say the transition to Grandma's house has been a pretty smooth one for Weston. Here he is today, having a good ol' time on the piano - not just playing, but singing too.

It occurs to me that I have nothing witty to say, and no interesting way to wrap up this post. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are still alive and kicking. (You know, because I'm sure you were terribly worried!) I'm looking forward to diving back into the blogging world and keeping up with some of my favorite people. Hope that you are all doing well!


Amy said...

Great Post!
I think moving in with your mom while being 6th months pregnant would be a dream!

Good luck with the househunt.

Angie Larkin said...

Oh Michelle! You are stressing ME out! What a dream of a yard. We put an offer in on a house with quite a small my stomach has a knot in it that wasn't there before:( Your belly does look quite small and if I could smack you over the internet...I would. Anyway, I hope all works out well for you. You are such a stellar person, I know you'll manage somehow. Any name for baby girl yet?

Jill said...

Oh, I really am so excited for you! Just think, soon all these big changes will be done and you can settle in to your new existence. You will love having 2! It is such a warm and cozy way for a family to feel.
We bought our home when #2 was a month old.... good times.
I do kind of envy you in a totally stressful yet invigorating way;)

The Kammeyers said...

Actually, I WAS wondering where you were in the blogging world! :) At least you should have lots of help come moving day, right? No box lifting for you. :) Good luck finding a place to buy! We're doing the same thing ourselves.


Mary said...

I agree that house hunting is very stressful.

Canyon Girl said...

It is so good to hear from you! I haven't seen you blogging or on facebook for so long I was starting to worry. Sounds like you've been busy!

What a lovely yard your mom has. I bet Weston loves it at Grandma's house. How sweet of her to let you all stay with her. I bet she loves it! And, once things start slowing down a bit she really must teach you to sew. You might have a new addiction!

Good luck with the house hunt. I'm sure you will find the perfect home soon.


BTW --- You & your belly look fantastic!!!

i said...

oh how my children love your mom's yard too!!! a great perk of having to deal with all of the other stress: HAPPY WESTON! good luck with everything!

The Kammeyers said...

I know I already posted on this, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!! Hope it's been a good one! You deserve it. :)

Courtnie said...

I forgot to post earlier. Ooops! Anyway, I love all of your pictures of Weston. He is quite the handsome little man!

I'm not looking forward to the job of moving this summer either. But it has it's silver lining, it is exciting!

Happy Mother's Day! Your kids are lucky to have you! :)

michellemcpherson said...

How exciting to be buying a house, i hope that you find one to your liking and that it's in the same ward, I don't know I might have mentioned to the bishop that having that calling was motivation to move out of the ward, you will do awesome though, you have the energy that calling demands. Enjoy the time with your mom, I know I'd move back home in a heart beat, nicer, bigger house, some one to share in the cooking and cleaning with... oh and that's so awesome a little girl and by the way you look tiny, tiny!!