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Saturday, May 16, 2009

bubbles, anyone?

Last weekend Weston wanted a bubble bath. Jason had the brilliant idea of turning on the jets in the tub to make it a little more fun... but we had no idea just how many bubbles those jets would actually make. The poor little guy was buried!!
After trying to stand up a few times, Weston decided it would be more fun to sit on daddy's lap and make him a beard!


Amy said...

WE did that once and freaked Thomas out. Cute pictures!

Jill said...

On our honeymoon one of the rooms we stayed in had a jet tub. We added bubbles and at some point the drain came unplugged. We didn't notice and eventually discovered that our tub was literally full of bubbles because all the water had run out! :)

Michelle said...

Definately not TMI... I'm hoping that we'll find a house with a tub big enough for two. And I love lots of bubbles, although sometimes you've got to take a shower after just to get them all off!

andrea said...

All those bubbles are fabulous. I now want to take a bubble bath in a jet tub.

Megan said...

SO FUN!!! I miss having a bathtub--my parents' house only has showers. :( Not nearly so cool.

Keep this in mind: we Oregonians may be surrounded by green, but we pay for it with seven months of rain, persistantly cloudy skies, and millions upon millions of liberals. Seriously, I've read in the paper about people agonizing over using Drain-o. Or throwing away a water bottle. Or voting for a Republican. Give me a freaking break!!! The rain and the politics guarantee that we won't be here much longer--Karl hates both. Part of me is so sad--this is my home, after all! But I could do with less militaristically liberal neighbors. Even the conservative ones pretend they're Democrats just to keep the peace. Talk about peer pressure!!!

Adriane said...

I am soooo happy I found you!! I think about you all the time and miss you terribly!! I absolutely want to catch up. My number is 801-298-4658...please call and lets start the many hours we will need to catch up. Your family is beautiful and congrats on #2. Check out my blog to see pictures of my awesome family. Love you!!! Adriane