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Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Three Years Ago...

Jason and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary on Tuesday. I really wanted to find some cute pictures from that day, but quickly realized they are all in storage at the moment. That didn't prevent me from taking a trip down memory lane anyway though! Just before we were married, my mom and I went to London on "business." (Why the quotes? Because we ended up doing almost no business at all!) Here we are with one of my mom's dear friends, Hannah. I can't help but thinking that I looked younger. Please everyone, lie to me and tell me I look EXACTLY the same now! This next picture makes it clear why you'd have to lie to tell me that: Here I am on that same trip with another lovely friend outside her home. I know this is a little self-indulgent, but I'm sharing this picture to say, "holy cow I was skinny!!" Is there any hope of regaining that figure after baby no. 2? I'm feeling pretty motivated right now, but I have a feeling that when post-birth exhaustion sets in, working out will be dead last on my list of priorities.
* sigh *
Back to the engagement... this picture was taken the night Jason asked me to marry him. He gave me a gorgeous diamond necklace before we went out that night in hopes that I wouldn't be suspicious he was about to pop the question.
It didn't work, but seriously, is there such a thing as receiving too much diamond jewelry in one night? Working on wedding invitations... aren't we cute?Goofing off:I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this picture, but then I realized Jason was not, in fact, helping with the dishes. He was just hanging out with me while I did them... gee, not much has changed! :)Our first place together... moving in:Enjoying a Sunday afternoon in my mom's beautiful backyard:
She actually didn't have anything in her yard but dirt until we got married... I guess our impeding reception was just the impetus she needed to go for it. This is what her backyard (and I use that term loosely) looked like before she had it landscaped for our wedding:
A lot has changed since then, but my happiness with Jason is not one of them. My love for him continues to grow... just look at that loveable face!


Amy said...

Congratulations on 3 years, it only gets better. And you still look young!

Courtnie said...

I will still wait for some wedding day pix! You are the only roomie whose wedding day pix I haven't seen yet!

Michelle, my belle. You seriously haven't changed since high-school! I remember your graduation picture you showed me and you haven't aged a bit. Well, okay maybe a bit, but a very small bit!

Courtnie said...

P.S. It may take a little longer, but you will be back to your svelt self after your little girl is born, don't worry! I have faith in you! ;)
And you are beautiful momma. Pregnant or not!

i said...

you look the same lovely to me!!!

i still remember those days!!! :)

Mary said...

The more diamonds the better!

Honestly, you do not look much diffrent.

I think we FEEL diffrent because mommyhood pushes us in so many diffrent directions, when we look at old pics we realize how much we've changed.

jenica said...

cute! and i think you look the same. your spirit radiates through every single pic. ;-D


one of these days we need to actually meet jason!