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Monday, August 15, 2011

Pioneer Days 2011

Friday night, July 22nd... the weather was sooooooooooooo nice! It was breezy and beautiful.
For some reason, the kids were drawn to the horseshoe game area
It seems odd to me that they were surrounded by grass and yet somehow drawn to the one small area with dirt! Go figure.
Weston and the other "superheroes"
Saturday before we left for Stevenson Park, Jason's dad came over because he had a couple of gifts from his recent trip to Washington D.C.
My favorite gift was the little "money" bear he got for Sophie...she named it "baby Kayla," which is no surprise at all. She names EVERYTHING Baby Kayla!
Weston could not get enough of the bouncy house... it was the first place he went as soon as we arrived (at the blazing hot hour of 4:30). Grandpa had lots of patience and watched the kids jump for a long time.
Weston's other favorite activity this year at Pioneer Days was the water slide... I think he went down it a zillion times (for those who are wondering, zillion is more than a million, but still a little less than ba-zillion)!
This year, the young women and young men from our ward were in charge of a booth - the sponge toss. These awesome girls did a great job helping out the little kids that wanted to come play! Here is Jessica, Kira, and Shawna. I've got nothing but love for these beauties!
Aunt Shae-Leigh doing the sponge toss with the kiddos...
I think Sophie was mostly interested in her rice krispie treat...
Oh, and the glow sticks, which the kids are still fighting over on an almost daily basis (I seriously should just throw them away already)!
Just chillin' with the kids!
There is no way to capture how truly amazing the fireworks were... honestly, this year's display was one of the best I have ever seen. It was impressive!!
And thus we conclude yet another awesome Pioneer Day celebration!! After eating ridiculous amounts of yummy food, running around all night with the kids and enjoying a spectacular fireworks display, we went home satisfied... and a little worn out!

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Jolee B. said...

LOVE the reference to a ba-zillion! :)