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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sophie is TWO!!

Three days ago, Sophie turned two. I think I am still in denial, although I don't know why since she has seemed like a little girl (and not a baby anymore) from the time she was 9 months old. For some reason her birthday really crept up on us! It seems like just a few weeks ago when Weston had his birthday, and that was 6 whole months ago. I can't believe my little Sophie baby is a big 2 year old girl now! She brings so very much joy into our family. She is truly full of sugar and spice... LOTS of spice!!
Here are a few of the cute things our little Sophie says on a regular basis:

"Come on now!"
- this is particularly great when followed by "get up mommy/daddy/Weston/Auntie!"

"Good Job!!" - always said with tremendous enthusiasm... Sophie is our cheerleader! Whether it is opening a tight jar lid or putting a new battery in the remote control, she is always telling us what a good job we do.

"Cookie Monker" - She has a love/hate relationship with the cookie monster... sometimes she loves him, sometimes she's afraid of him.

"I just fine"
- for some reason I find this one particularly funny. What little kid uses the term "just fine!?"

"I'm a do it"
or "My do it!" - This oft repeated phrase is the primary reason we refer to Sophie as the sass-master. She wants to do EVERYTHING herself!

"You ok? You feel better?"
- She is sincerely tender and sweet. Jason injured his ankle badly several weeks ago, and she asks him every day how it feels. Sometimes she inadvertently does something to hurt you, then immediately follows it up with a high pitched "You okay!?" The adorable voice coupled with the irresistible look of concern on her face pretty much melts your heart on the spot.

"Right he-ya" - As she gives orders or explains something, she will say (for example): "My owie is right HEYA!"

"Awwww... cute!" - This is always said in a high-pitched, melodic, ultra tender voice. So sweet!!

"I toot"- Pretty sure this needs no explanation. Let's just say she never deflects the blame... Sophie always fesses up to her flatulence.

"I cuddle you"

"I cuddle myself" - This is hilarious. It all began one morning after she woke up. I asked, "did you cuddle with mommy for awhile last night?" Her response: "No! I cuddle myself. Now I awake!"

"water-melna" - translation: watermelon, one of her most favorite foods.

"gummy juice" - translation: cranberry juice, one of her most favorite drinks.

A few fun facts about Sophie right now:

She loves her dark green hair bow that doesn't match anything. She wants to wear it everyday. I need to hide that thing!

She looks like my Grandma Knapp every time she scowls or makes a pouty face.

She adores her daddy. This really worked to my advantage for awhile because she only wanted daddy to change her diapers!

She also loves her brother and sometimes insists on him holding her. When it doesn't happen, she'll just jump up and hang on to him like some sort of monkey baby! Of course she is too heavy for him to hold, so they both topple over within seconds.

She weighs almost 30 pounds and is taller than most of the other kids her age (I'll be going to the pediatrician soon to get more accurate stats on that)!

Whenever she pretends to have phone conversations on her toy cell phone, it is always with a grandpa or a grandma. It usually goes something like this: "Hi grandpa. I okay. I just fine! How you doing?"

While all of the other babies and toddlers held on to their parents for dear life at our first swim lesson together, Sophie kept pushing me away while screaming, "No, I do it!" I think she finally realizes that she needs me though... at least while in the swimming pool!

A few recent pictures (not including her actual birthday, though... still waiting for a new card reader to come in the mail so I can download the many August pictures sitting on my camera right now):

I thank God each and every day for the privilege of being mommy to this little sweetheart. Happy birthday Sophie!!


Lisa said...

She's getting so big!! Happy birthday sweet Sophie. :)

The Kammeyers said...

Sooooo precious! Wow, it seems like she was just turning 1 and now it's already a year later. :) Hope you're enjoying this last part of summer, Michelle! Your blog was delightful to read just now - as always. :)