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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthday at the park

I know sometimes I am behind on my posts, but this is just a little bit rediculous! Weston's birthday was about 10 days ago. We had a great little party at the dinasaur park, which was tons of fun. Seriously, I love this park! Kids always have fun there, and it really is a beautiful place to spend the morning...or afternoon.
Here are some pictures (along with my unending commentary... in case you hadn't noticed, brevity is not my strongsuit!)
Here the kids are throwing pop-its on the ground... amazing how such a small thing can bring so much excitement!
Awaiting the birthday song...Lighting the candles...Blowing out the candles... Enjoying the "cake cones." Jason and I thought we were so creative with this idea, but apparently the idea has been around a long time... we had just never heard of it before I guess. Kids aren't so concerned with originality though, so they loved them!Opening presents...All the kids were interested in this puzzle... Playing... Weston must have stayed in this car for 45 minutes. He just did not want to get out! Justin made it pretty exciting for him:
It isn't quite as easy to move on your own (as Weston found out)...Playing in the sand pit... Justin and Anna (attempting to crawl out)...
All in all, it was a very fun day! We stayed at the park for several hours, until mommy thought she could live without food no longer... then headed straight to Cafe Rio!


Courtnie said...

Looks like mucho fun! And no, brevity never has been an area of strength for you, which is one of the things that makes you so charming and fun!

Kenny's B-day is on March 1st, so yeah, he and Weston are almost exactly 1 year apart. Weston is right between Lexi and Kenny.

Did you get your package?

Lisa said...

What an awesome birthday party. My favorite picture was the one where Weston is blowing out the candles and mommy and grandma are helping by making the same expression. So cute. Glad it was a good day.