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Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is it about cupcakes?

I haven't eaten a cupcake in probably 15 years, and I'm sure I haven't even thought of cupcakes since the last time I ate one... until recently.
Two oddly simultaneous phenomina have occured in the last couple of months:
1) An intense longing for the luscious little treats (perhaps pregnancy induced?)
2) A HIGH frequency of cupcakes offered at social gatherings.
Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for my butt and thighs), I am unable to eat cupcakes due to my wheat allergy... which as you can imagine makes these cravings all the more maddening!

For example, last Saturday I attended a lovely Stake enrichment activity. Afterwards, what do you suppose was served for refreshments? A random sampling of desserts where at least I stand the chance of endulging in a non-wheat creation like rice crispies treats or even (now I'm really dreaming) fudge? Nope.

It was ALL cupcakes...every kind you could imagine. Tables and tables and tables of them!
Then later when I layed my eyes on the irresistably yummy cupcake display that my friend, Shannon, made for her daughter's birthday party, I could no longer bear the temptation alone. It was then that I knew I needed blogotherapy.
And that is why you're reading about it today! (Unless of course you got bored and stopped reading by now.)
I can always cling to the possibility that a wheat-free cupcake mix eventually shows up at the health food store. Or, perhaps the need will simply pass once this baby is born. Until then, I will assuage my longing with blogotherapy and maybe some choco-therapy. (I know there's some see's candy in the freezer somewhere...)


The Kammeyers said...

Cupcakes are indeed all the rage these days! I'm sad you can't partake, dear Michelle. (But count yourself lucky to be "missing out" on those calories). :)

Courtnie said...

I have always loved cupcakes! I even had them at my wedding, you know! I make them for my kids birthdays and use my cupcake stand.

If I lived close to you I would make some wheat free cupcakes just for you!

Lynette said...

That is such a tragedy! I'm sorry you're craving them so horribly! I'm sure there has to be a gluten-free recipe somewhere. I'll ask around for you, I know way too many people with the same allergy:)

Canyon Girl said...

I'm sorry that you can't have cupcakes, Michelle. But, if I remember correctly, there's some insanely good gluten-free brownie mix, isn't there? I'd take a brownie over a cupcake any day. ;)

Big hugs,

Jessica said...

Hmmm all this food talk just makes me think of all the times we used to go to Cafe Rio too! Hmmm there is just nothing better than the combo of the rio salad with that creamy dressing and Alias! Oh the good ole days when I was a freshman and you had a car and we bonded over many things like eating! LOL!
PS-Do you remember when we used to dance around and make noises so lizzie and molly or whoever would come upstairs? That was a lazy way of doing it but it so worked!
Or I was thinking about this the other day but do u remember Jonathan??? I wonder what happened to him-he used to call every once in a while but no more-oh the randomness of that year-especially when Katie kicked me out the bathroom while I was in the middle of a shower(what ever happened to her?)