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Friday, March 13, 2009

Not so bad

It was just a normal afternoon, until suddenly I had the thought, "boy, I sure am getting a lot done right now!" Of course, the next thought was, "Oh no, where is Weston?"
It was quiet, that was the first clue. I headed straight for his room. Not there. Oh, but he does love to hide in the closet... nope, not there either.

Where could that stinker be?

I went to the kitchen, living room, and office... all empty.
Fortunately, the guest bathroom was empty too. (I was really hoping he wasn't playing in the toilet, something that fortunately has only happened once that I am aware of)
I cautiously approached our bedroom. The door was open... and I though I saw something behind it.
Sure enough, there was Weston in his clever little hiding place, clothes removed, gleefully chewing almost an entire pack of gum! I couldn't really get mad, because it was so funny! I have been trying to teach him that we DO NOT under any circumstance swallow gum. He obviously learned the lesson, because there were several freshly chewed up pieces of gum laying around him on the floor. I got a kick out of it and thought to myself for a moment about how much I could get done around the house if I just gave him several packs of gum and let him do this all afternoon...


Amy said...

I've been there before! He seriously has the best smile!

Angie Larkin said...


If interested...I'm having a baby brunch on Saturday from 10-noon. I know Saturdays are sacred...finally get to see our husbands etc...but if you want to come eat and hold the baby just email me at and I'll give you directions! Sorry I missed the birthday. I was very large with child:) Lovin' your blogs.