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Monday, October 6, 2008

Political Madness

As we close in on the end of this presidential race, you may notice the increasingly frequent political ads on T.V. Should we be surprised? It happens every 4 years. The attacks ads always become more vicious as election day draws near. And without fail, every four years, we hear a bazillion comments like, “Americans don’t want to hear these juvenile attacks. They reveal a candidate that has nothing of substance to say. Americans like a positive message… yada, yada, yada.”
Yeah, right.
If attack ads are so counter-productive, why do presidential hopefuls from both parties consistently use them?
Anyway, I have barely begun, and already I am side-tracking myself. I don’t care if political commentators choose to voice their disapproval of attack ads, even though it is painfully obvious that they only use that line when it benefits their candidate.
What is making blood shoot out of my eyes tonight (as Glenn Beck would say) is what Americans should be OUTRAGED by, and yet are not. Recently Sarah Palin has started talking about Obama’s connection with William Ayers – the known terrorist who would be rotting in prison right now were it not for an unfortunate technicality that let him go free all those years ago. While most of the political pundits are again touting their brainless mantra about Americans despising such attacks, I am wondering if anyone is awake. I am wondering if maybe all the bright lights have begun to affect the brain function of those that spew this crap.
Honestly, is anyone awake?
While there are many real issues that concern Americans, did it ever occur to anyone that a valid attack could actually highlight a REAL issue? Call me crazy, but I view the tight connections Obama has had throughout his life with people who overtly hate America a very real issue!
Even if I sincerely believed in his socialist economic policies as many Americans do, I would be extremely hesitant to vote for someone that does not love their country! I am not blind to this nation’s imperfections. I believe there is more corruption in high places than we know. But I do love America. I love capitalism. I don’t love the government, and I want its involvement in my life to be as minimal as possible.
I am truly astounded at the indifference people have shown towards Obama’s multiple long-term, close associations with radicals and criminals. How can these facts not deeply trouble every American? I am in awe, but I guess I shouldn’t be. Many people are indifferent to their eternal salvation too, which makes even less sense.

Madness, I tell you. Pure madness.
I don't know whether that bumber sticker makes me angry, or just want to cry. I had to include this picture. It somehow reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting. Doesn't it just make you smile? I had to end on a happy note after all.


Megan said...

Are you a Glenn Beck fan?! We totally tune into Glenn nearly every night. Great guy--great message! Why doesn't HE run for president?

Lynette said...

Well Said!

Miss Ashley said...

So beautifully put my Michelley! Your words brought tears to my eyes (that and the mention of Glenn Beck).