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Thursday, October 21, 2010

August 19: all about the girl!

August 19: One of the most important dates in the whole wide world. Why? It was the day my sweet, perfect Sophie graced us all with her presence by being born. To start off the celebration of her first birthday ever, we met Julie and kids at one of our favorite parks. Sophie began her special day in style - you know, by getting downright sandy!
Fortunately, Julie brought some healthy snacks for everyone. I guess I was just really focused on Sophie, though, because it looks like I pretty much only got pictures of her!
Later on (and many errands later), we had a lovely falafel dinner with family. It was divine, but I cannot take any of the credit. Jason is a fantastic chef!I had a million different ideas for the cake, but ended up going with something simple and classy... just like Sophie!
Weston, of course, just had to help blow out the candle!Grandma cutting the cakeEveryone enjoying the cake
Sophie really didn't know what to think of the cake at first. She didn't even put any of it in her mouth until I kind of got her started.But once she got started, she really dug in!The least expensive "hit" of the night was definitely the blowey-outey-thingies. Do those things even have a real name?
Weston and Sadie had contests with their party blowers. I think Weston blew so long and hard on that thing that it actually broke!Uncle Ryan and Sadie... maybe soon to be Aunt Sadie??? (Fortunately Ryan doesn't read our blog, so he can't give me any crap about that comment!)Uncle Ryan and the birthday girl having a good time... she sure does love her uncles! I was glad at least one of them was able to come to the party.
Horsing around Loving on my birthday girl who got a boo-boo!
Opening presentsSophie desperately needed help unwrapping all those presents! Fortunately, Weston was more than willing to oblige...
How can you not love this birthday hat?
Among others in the family, neither of my parents were able to come to the party. But here is Sophie with the cute little puppy dog that Grandpa and Grandma Knapp sent her.
My mom came by bearing gifts a couple of days later (when she was back in town), so the birthday goodness was stretched out over a few days - just the way I like it! Isn't this dress adorable? Someone at church actually stopped me in the hallway to tell me that it looked like it had been made just for her! I agree. Score one for grandma! All in all, the girl made out like a bandit. Sophie is such a sweetheart that it really is hard not to spoil her. How I love my girl!!


Melly Mae said...

Yay!!! I'm so happy that I found your adorable blog!!! Thanks for the sweet comment :) Sophie is seriously the MOST adorable little girl. She is just SO SWEET... and you are an amazing mommy! Thanks for being such a great friend :)

Megan said...

Oh, happy birthday, sweet Sophie! Camryn got the same little pink-and-green doll for her birthday (grandma Karen thought she needed a doll to practice on before her sister arrived). Funnily enough, Grandma Linda thought the same thing and got Camryn a baby doll with a pacifier attached to it--every so often, Camryn tries out the pacifier and wanders through the house with her doll hanging from her mouth!

Lara said...

Happy Birthday Sophie! Can you believe how fast a year goes by?! Glad she had such a fun day!