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Monday, October 11, 2010

Grandpa's Visit, Part One

It had been two years and two months almost exactly to the day since we had seen my dad last. Last time we saw him (In August of '08), Weston was only 17 months old. It was so long ago that Sophie wasn't even a thought yet, so you can imagine how excited we all were for Grandpa Knapp's visit! But part one of Grandpa's visit post actually begins the day before - on Friday, October 1st. Why? Because something miraculous happened that day... it actually RAINED!! The kids had a blast playing outside in the morning drizzle, elated to have a real reason to wear Weston's rain boots!Don't mind the underwear shot... Weston isn't much for pants these days.Sophie had a heck of a time walking in those boots, but she sure did try!That day was a special "parent involvement" day at Weston's preschool where we got to go paint pumpkins. I just loved the little smocks they had for the kids!I'm not really sure where this picture fits in, but it was so darn adorable that I had to throw it in!
On Saturday when we were getting ready to go pick up Grandpa from the airport, Weston was having a good old time in the tub when suddenly I realized he and Sophie were giggling about something... together. Sure enough, my little diaper-clad rascal with the wild hair had climbed on in for some bubbly fun! She is not one to be left out. (Never mind the fact that she, herself, had just finished bathing!)
Then off to the store for some last minute purchases... obviously I usually don't just whip out a camera while grocery shopping, but this time I had it in my purse since we were on our way to the airport later. Trying to keep Sophie in a safe position while shopping is almost impossible. "Sophie, on your bottom!" is a mantra repeated almost endlessly in our family. In fact, just today I realized that Weston is starting to say it too. But he says it more like: "Bot - um!" It's cute.
The kids got so worked up with excitement over grandpa coming that neither one took a nap, so they both crashed in the car and were groggy at the airport... so I postponed pictures until the next day, when Sophie warmed up to Grandpa rather quickly!
Again, this picture has no purpose other than to capture that beautiful smile...
Here Grandpa is trying to put Weston "away" in one of the toy bins. Weston thought it was so funny that he got every container in the entire house after that and tried to convince Grandpa to stuff him in them, too!
I think this basket was pretty much the last one...
Now, it just so happened that my dad was here on Weston's very first day to ride the bus!It was a pretty big occasion, so we decided to take some more pictures...

Since Weston is only three, the bus came right to our front door!
What a big boy! I was so proud of him, he practically jumped up into the bus out of excitement!


i said...

is own bus!?!? wow. justin would be jealous. glad you had a good time w/ your pop! ;)

Sarah said...

So fun!! I love the bath pictures. I can't believe how big Sophie is getting!!!!!!! I swear she was just born. I guess that is what happens when you move away!