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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grandpa's Visit, Part 2

So, the first day that Weston took the bus to school also happened to be the first day that he went on the big kid swings! Grandpa was delighted to be apart of it. For some reason Weston would start losing his grip after swinging awhile, but then dad would say "Wow, Weston is a really big, strong boy! Look at the way he is holding on so tight with those strong hands!" It worked every time.
The first picture is from the baby swings, and the second is on the big people swings.It was such a treat to have Grandpa at the park, and Weston was not content to have him just "be" there. He grabbed Grandpa's hand and took him all over the place, leading him up and down stairs and all around! It was great. Here they are, going down the slides together. While Weston was at school, Sophie and Grandpa had some fine cuisine...
Or at least they sat at the table together...
On Tuesday evening we went to the Strip, so dad could see the conservatory at the Bellagio (among other things.)
I find it just amazing that those gigantic pumpkins are real.
This is Weston demonstrating the way the water splashed all around. He is a rather animated little guy!
I always feel like such a tourist taking pictures downtown. Oh well!
In the morning it was time for presents. After all, what grandparents do not come bearing gifts?
Weston was pretty darn thrilled to receive a whole container full of groovy cars modeled after various insects.
Sophie received a cute little bag with a brush and comb inside... she just loves to brush her own hair. She also loves hiding things in the cute little bag.
We also went to the Children's Discovery Museum during dad's visit. What was Sophie's favorite thing there? It had to be the cash register at the "grocery store." Every time I turned around she was running back to that stinkin' register just so she could push the buttons!
Weston enjoyed just about everything. Here he is making huge bubbles.
This thing is a mini tornado.
Dad had Weston climb up there to get a closer look at it...

It was about then that we noticed a sign saying "no climbing." But since he was already there, I figured it wouldn't hurt to snap one more picture!

Working a pulley...
Working on a car... definitely more fun! This is unquestionably one of Weston's favorite parts of the museum.
Sophie is not one to be left behind. If brother was working on the car, well then so was she!
The other exhibit with endless appeal (and I do mean ENDLESS!) is the contraption that sucks in balls and shoots them up into these tubes, where you can watch them work their way back down. You can control how the balls come back down to you through a series of pulleys and wheels, but Weston and Sophie were really only interested in watching the balls get sucked into the tube... it was more fascinating to them than pretty much anything else around! On the last day of Dad's visit, he was invited to read a story to all the kids in Weston's preschool. I thought this was a special treat. Plus, I got to go along and finally see what they actually do there and how Weston interacts in his class! Sophie, always the involved one, kept trying to leap off dad's lap to do what the other kids were doing! Here is Weston having snack time with the other kids.
It was cute to watch Weston. He was so excited to have Grandpa come and visit his class. He was also really well behaved, and did an especially good job of tidying up after himself - which I find incredible and amazing considering how much difficulty I have getting him to clean things up at home. At least he puts his best foot forward when in public!
I was happy with all of fun things we did while Grandpa was in town. Ever since he left two weeks ago, Sophie has been repeating "gram-pa" over and over and over and over and over again! She calls everyone Grandpa, too. I am so happy she finally got to meet her Grandpa Knapp!

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Megan said...

That is TOO PRECIOUS!!! I for one love the Bellagio conservatory--it would be a fantastic site for a wedding reception. I'll bet it looked divine at Halloween.

Also, children's museums are THE BEST. We bought a family pass to the one here in SLC just for those dreary winter months!

And what little girl DOESN'T love her grandpa? Thanks to stepfamilies and such, I had four grandpas, and adored them all!