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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch: More Fun Than We Bargained For!

Going to the pumpkin patch this year was a blast. I'm thinking it had a little something to do with the guy pictured here (Grandpa Glass):Our first destination at the Pumpkin Patch was the petting zoo (if you can even call it that... it was about the size of my kitchen! Not that the kids cared.)
Run, baby, run! Who knows what that crazy looking rooster might do! Those animals were nicely fed, to say the least. How many pellets can one billy goat eat, after all?
Sophie's goal was to grab onto the goats, and try to ride them if possible...It didn't work out too well for her. She ended up getting knocked over a couple of times - mostly because the goats tried running away from her while she was hanging on to them for dear life!
Finally it was time to leave the petting zoo and move on to some of the other fun activities...
While Weston bounced around in the bouncy house, I took Sophie down this gigantic slide. I thought she'd love it, but there was virtually no reaction at all! She gets a thrill out of jumping on the bed, but this massive slide just didn't do it for her. Go figure!
I think Weston did this obstacle course 10 times... not even joking!
Finally it was time to find the perfect pumpkins...
I'm still not sure if Sophie was trying to hug the pumpkin or pick it up...
Daddy has at least as much fun as the kiddos pumpkin searching - if not more!
Before leaving, Weston wanted to try this bouncey thing. I really don't know what it's called, but man does it fly high!!
A slightly reticent but brave Weston...
What a blast! He totally loved it.

Picking out pumpkins is always fun, but this year it was extra special because we went to such a great pumpkin patch - and most especially because Grandpa joined us.


The Kammeyers said...

What a fun family excursion! The pictures are all so cute - I feel like we went to the pumpkin patch right along with you. :) My favorite pic would have to be the one of Sophie "hugging" the pumpkin. Absolutely adorable!

Hope you have a great week, Michelle! Happy Halloween to you & your family! :)

michellemcpherson said...

Michelle it is so cute how much your two kids resemble each other, boy and girl is pretty much perfect to me! I love the one with her holding the pumpkin, looks like true love. It's so fun to read about all the fun memories you are journaling on your family!

Courtnie said...

I love Sophie's curls, I love Westons smile and I love all the pictures you posted! My favorite of Weston is where he is looking through the Chicken Wire and my favorite of Sophie is where she is hugging the pumpkin. Very cute. Fall is fun, especially with kidlets! :)

Sarah said...

CUTE! Looks like the kidlets had such a fun time, and I am super impressed with how brave Weston is to do the bungee jump. so awesome!