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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who's that girl?

Who's the girl that takes one bite out of every piece of fruit in the fruit basket, then puts them all back?
Probably the same one who routinely hides things - like hairbrushes and train tracks - at the bottom of our clothes hamper, rubs oatmeal in her hair (maybe it is her secret to lovely locks?), and tries almost every day to climb up the kitchen cupboards onto the counter. (Maybe I have two kids that think they're Spider Man?)
Just the other day she was crying and screaming with the furor of a wild banshee (whatever that is). I couldn't figure out what to do to calm her down, but finally I started singing to her. She quited after I began "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," then burst out a decisive "YES!" followed by an applause when it was over. The same thing happened after every verse of "The Wheels of The Bus," and every one of the many songs that followed. It was precious!
Here are some recent snapshots of my full-of-life little Sophie:
She's been walking in heels since she was 10 months old! So, as some of you may know, styling hair is not my forte. I was secretly relieved when I discovered that my first child would be a boy, because I wouldn't have to worry about doing anything special with his hair. Well, Sophie's hair is getting long enough that I really need to start doing something with it - though it is darling in its natural state, too. So a couple days ago I attempted something new: pigtails. We went to Trader Joe's this way and got more oohs and ahhhs than usual. I guess I did ok!
Sophie LOVES to clap
There we go with the shoes again...
She has recently taken a liking to our produce basket...
Another daily trick: climbing up on the back of Weston's chair while he's eating and attempting to steal a few bites of his food! This little lady keeps me on my toes!


i said...

AWE! what a big girl! I LOVE the pig tails!

AND it occured to me that we haven't seen each other enough! when?

monica said...

She is beautiful! Her sparkling eyes, those lips and I love those curls!

The Kammeyers said...

I love the pigtails! And I love hearing all about your precocious little daughter! :) What a sweetheart.

Have a great weekend, Michelle!